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"I work in a hospital so I am standing all day, for hours at a time. My legs and feet would hurt and swell by the end of my shift. These socks have helped me greatly! They have good support, keep the swelling down and are comfortable to wear all day."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Robert E, AU

Use OrthoSock during the day to promote blood flow and reduce swelling or your money back guaranteed. 

☑️ Boost Blood Circulation
☑️ Reduce Swelling (Edema) 
☑️ Relieve Pain (Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis)
☑️ Speed Up Recovery

Are you on your feet all day? Do you suffer from varicose and swelling? Does your feet ache after doing sports?

Our OrthoSock - Compression Socks are designed to maintain constant blood circulation, reduce discomfort and swelling, and speed up recovery.

It provides support, comfort and relief without compromising on your mobility.

Our compression socks exerts more pressure on your foot and ankle. As the sock moves up your calf, the pressure is reduced so that blood flows up your legs. This reduces clots and swelling.

Due to the constant circulation of oxygen, lactic acid also decreases and muscles in your feet and legs recover faster.

OrthoSock's features provide support and pain relief without compromising on comfort and flexibility.

Its breathable and snug fabric offers mild compression and keeps your legs from getting tired and achy.

We recommend wearing OrthoSocks in the morning as your legs and feet are less swollen then.

We suggest wearing your OrthoSocks all day long and removing them before bed.

Wearing your compressions socks daily protects the Plantar Fascia, supports the Achilles Tendon and relieves shin splints.

They are suitable for use during sport activities, long travels, pregnancy and extended standing periods.

Please be advised to remove your socks if you experience any discomfort, tingling or redness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Darian C

My Dad is 88 years old and had edema. He wears these socks nearly every day and has no more problems with edema. He loves how they feel and it looks quite stylish. He highly recommends these socks.

Lucas H

These are excellent socks! They have a very snug fit, my husband likes to run in them :)

Matt W

Good stocks. Second order. They stay well after washing. Good compression.

Issac T

Best compression socks I have ever used! Worth the price!

Steve A

Socks is great, I can feel the compression. would recommend


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